For a thorough and complete inspection, please make sure the power, water, and all appliances and system components are on.  Also provide access to the following areas:

Crawlspace access doors are not blocked. Also remove storage items so visual inspection of floor is not obstructed.

Foundation walls in basement area are visible, especially in corners.

Water meter, and main water line are accessible.

Hot water heater and surrounding area clear.

Furnace and surrounding area clear.

Air conditioner and surrounding area clear.

Main electrical panel, and sub panlels  accessible.

Kitchen counter-top and appliances clear. Remove items from oven and dishwasher.

Cabinets under sinks in kitchen and bathrooms are clear.

Garage overhead, and service doors are accessible.

Attic access door/panel are accessible.  Typically located in a closet, hallway or garage.  Unobstructed access should be available.

Read, and review your Inspection Agreement.